MARSS develops innovative marine and land-based solutions for asset protection and saving life using integrated sensor surveillance and proprietary software.


MARSS technology leadership is founded on over 10 years of research and development collaboration with the European Union, defence agencies, NATO, academia and industry.

  • Headquartered in Monaco with teams in UK and Italy
  • Land-based fixed assets protected: Including head of state residences, ports, military sites, special forces, critical infrastructure, Olympic Games
  • Current military vessel and superyacht projects: Cumulative >3,000m in length overall
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Johannes is CEO and founder of the MARSS Group with over 12 years experience in the software development sector.

In 2003 Johannes started his first marine venture, followed in 2005 with the founding of the MARSS Group, specialising in the development of innovative technologies for asset protection and saving life.

In 2010 Johannes sold a minority share in MARSS to Sonardyne, following which he sold the company to FLIR Inc., the NASDAQ quoted company in 2013, while continuing as CEO. The opportunity to undertake a management buyout enabled Johannes to take back full ownership of MARSS in 2015.

As CEO and founder, Johannes continues to drive growth with MARSS further establishing its technology leadership to secure and save lives.

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Rob is Senior VP Sales at MARSS with decades of experience in underwater defense and security.

A former aircraft engineer in the Royal Navy, he served his commercial apprenticeship at BAE Systems before entering the maritime technology industry in the oceanographic, oil and gas sectors.

As head of sales for QinetiQ Maritime from 2001 – 2004, he built the team behind the Cerberus Sonar system. As a Board Director at Sonardyne from 2004 to 2013, Rob led the investment into Wavefront in 2008 and MARSS in 2010 building the sonar engineering and commercial teams.

Rob joined MARSS in 2013 as part of the acquisition by FLIR systems. Rob has delivered over 40 integrated system projects worldwide.

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DOUG BOIT, VP Engineering

Doug is Senior VP Engineering at MARSS with a career in software engineering spanning over 30 years. Doug’s experience covers a broad range of sectors including shipping, insurance and point-of-sale systems.

Co-Founder and former Technical Director of COR STP Solutions, Doug was the principal architect of ‘Salerio’ an award-winning processing product designed specifically for investment managers.

Doug joined MARSS in 2008 to lead all technical research and product development bringing with him extensive knowledge and experience.

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Alberto is Senior VP Science at MARSS with over 20 years of experience in R&D for Universities and Defence.

Author of more than 80 international scientific publications, Alberto is an expert in digital signal and image processing in the radar, remote sensing, underwater acoustics and thermal imaging domains.

After receiving his M.Sc. in Engineering, he joined the Italian Navy in 1998-1999 where he lead the research group for automatic target recognition and tracking in infrared videos. In 2000 he completed his Ph.D. in Information Engineering at the University of Pisa, Italy, expanding his research activity to remote sensing for oceanography. In 2000-2009 he was staff scientist at the NATO Undersea Research Centre where he was involved in research programs in underwater acoustics and satellite remote sensing.

Alberto joined MARSS in 2010 to lead R&D programs for safety and security applications.

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STEFANO CROSTA, Director of Software Development

Stefano is Head of Software Development at MARSS and is responsible for turning ideas into working solutions. 

An experienced software engineer with management skills, Stefano can look back on over 20 years of software development in the academia and industry world from start-ups to large corporations.