Takeaways from the Air and Missile Defence Technology conference

MARSS was the lead sponsor at November’s Air and Missile Defence Technology conference, held in London.

Showcasing our latest NiDAR CUAS COMPACT and capabilities of our NiDAR system, Mike Collier, Product Development Manager with MARSS, also provided the headline speech on the first day of the conference, sharing insight on tackling drone threats.

Mike shares his top takeaways from the event:

1. Assistance in preventing information overload

New technologies are quickly coming to the field of operations; including increasingly sophisticated weaponry and surveillance, AI, autonomous vehicles, quantum computing and quantum sensing.  With these advances, however, soldiers are increasingly suffering from information overload, hampering effective deployment. 

As these technologies roll out, the role for a solution, which reduces the cognitive burden on soldiers and operators, is increasing.  

MARSS’ NiDAR Core platform, utilising its proprietary Hybrid Intelligence, accurately filters out threats from background information, enabling rapid detection and neutralisation of a hostile actor.

2. Desire for integration hampered by internal competition

Most large militaries desire integration and interoperability, yet previous aspirations for Cooperative Engagement Capability (CEC) – which could include the remote firing of weapons on different platforms, circumventing the operator – have stalled.

In part, this has been shackled by the intransigence of the largest defence companies, who are biased to selling their own hardware and locking people into their ecosystems.  Militaries should have the flexibility to draw on a range of manufacturers and partners for whatever products best serve each system.  

MARSS’ platforms integrate with existing and new sensors from all suppliers, and seamlessly presents the data via an easy-to-use interface.  Operators can view and control multi-domain information, with superior threat recognition powered by NiDAR Core’s Hybrid Intelligence, to allow for a rapid and accurate response. 

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