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Are you ambitious, smart and enjoy a challenge? Consider a job at MARSS!

Life on MARSS

At MARSS we are proud to protect lives and assets through smart technology and systems. 

We offer a fast-paced, dynamic environment, which is challenging, but rewarding. It is the nature of what we do which fosters creativity, continuous learning and individual responsibility to solve problems, add value and grow both personally and professionally. 

As a member of the MARSS team, you will enjoy the flexibility and entrepreneurial spirit found in a small start-up, supported by the safety and professional growth opportunities that comes with over 10 years of successful operations.

Please see below our current vacancies. 

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Senior Front End Software Engineer

As part of our work at MARSS, we develop cutting-edge HTML5/Javascript-based user interfaces. To complement our team we are looking for Front End Software Engineers with at least 3 years practical experience and detailed understanding of modern Javascript and frameworks (React/Mithril, async, webRTC),  Unit testing tools, Websockets and REST APIs and GIT. Proven ability to build complex yet intuitive user interface applications. Comfortable in Linux environments.


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DevOps Engineer

Dev Ops

MARSS solutions need to scale with minimal intervention from a virtualised office setup to large installations with hundreds of heterogeneous devices to configure and monitor. We are looking for a quietly confident DevOps software engineer to join our team and automate it all.
Ansible (or chef/puppet/...), Docker, kubernetes, Packe, Virtual Environments, Continuous Integration, Test Automation, Monitoring tools, Networking, Web Servers, Python 2 and 3. At ease on all OS (Linux, MacOS, Windows 10).


Back End Engineer

MARSS server software provides the backbone of our smart integration framework, and is powered by Python, C/C++ and Rust applications. We are looking for Backend Software Engineers with at least 3 years practical experience and detailed understanding of one or more of the above technologies, coupled with experience with Asynchronous programming (asyncio), Sockets/Networking and Serial Interfaces. You should also be comfortable in Linux environments and GIT or similar distributed version control software.



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