MARSS present MOBtronic™ at Seatrade Cruise Global

Speaking on the panel of the Safety & Security Symposium at Seatrade, Rob presented MOBtronic, the first commercially available and automatic man-overboard (MOB) detection, classification, and rescue support system.  

The MOBtronic man-overboard system operates autonomously, instantly detecting and classifying a human falling overboard a vessel or structure. Multiple sensor stations are mounted around the vessel or structure at strategic locations for instant detection and classification of a MOB incident activating alarms.

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MARSS have solved many of the challenges in MOB detection with MOBtronic after years of testing, direct input from an industry partner, and improvements to the system.  

"The MARSS MOBtronic system is a proven, automated, reliable man overboard system that is ready for installation. Following over 3 years of testing and 3000 test jumps on operational cruise vessels, the system has improved to better than 95% detection accuracy and less than one false report per day.” Rob Balloch, Vice President

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The capability and reliability of the system maximizes the opportunity for detection and rescue of an individual who has fallen overboard, while it minimizes unnecessary cruise disruptions and costs of rescue operations.  

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