As COVID-19 continues to affect businesses, the MARSS team remains resilient, regardless of location and circumstances.

Supporting our customers, partners and workforce

The MARSS team has been working collaboratively and remotely from Monaco, the United Kingdom, Italy and Saudi Arabia. As such we have been able to remain operational in this situation. 

In spite of worldwide social distancing measures, MARSS has continued our recruitment effort to help grow our team with the help of technology. We have on-boarded new team members during the lockdown period  to help meet the increasing demand for our products and services  despite the ongoing crisis.
Looking ahead, MARSS has the resources and systems in place to ensure the continuity and quality of our services.

We are now preparing to reopen our offices and travel in accordance with laws in various countries. Though, we will continue to allow our employees who need to work remotely to do so, in order to accommodate personal or family health circumstances created by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank each of our employees, in particular for the support that they are providing to each other and to our customers and partners.

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