MARSS in the press: Dockwalk magazine reviews the latest security technology for superyachts

MARSS were featured in the latest edition of Dockwalk magazine in an article looking at how giant strides in smart software and systems integration have made security technology more automated and powerful than ever. 

Ni Dar 360 Degree Security Shield

MARSS looks farther afield from the traditional security systems with its NiDAR system, combining subsea diver detection and tracking with surface small-craft tracking as well as drone and helicopter tracking. “We are able to create a digital moat that extends the security perimeter beyond the hull, which gives crew the ability to monitor an area much larger than the footprint of the boat,” says MARSS’s Johannes Pinl, CEO and founder.

“This increases their reaction time to aid decision making.” Scalable and modular, it’s built around a yacht owner’s security requirements and can be based on existing or already specified equipment. Hardware that used to stand alone is integrated into a single automated system driven by smart software that enables the components to talk to each other.

Ni Dar Collection Mobile Hd

Monitoring, detection, and tracking primarily use sonar, radar, and radio frequency monitoring, but MARSS’s real secret is the advanced software algorithms they’ve devised that decide whether an object is of interest by analyzing size, speed, movement patterns, and direction. This is how divers are distinguished from dolphins. It can even tell the difference between scuba and rebreathers.

Finally, nonlethal countermeasures can be an automatic part of the system in the form of searchlights, laser pointers, and loud hailers with a pre-recorded message. All of this is clearly presented to the user on a super-intuitive touch screen. “If you can use a smartphone, you can use the interface,” says Pinl.

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