MARSS in the press: "A smarter security system"

The MARSS NiDAR system was recently featured in Future Yachts, the latest publication from Boat International showcasing innovation for the yachts of tomorrow. 

"When CCTV picks up an intruder on board it’s often too late. The NiDAR system from MARSS uses a combination of sensors – sonar, x-band, AIS – and combines all of the feeds into a simple interface to detect threats long before they even approach your yachts.

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What’s really clever is the algorithm. NiDAR tracks behaviour of nearby vessels and can differentiate between a fishing boat doing its rounds and a real threat before setting off annoying alarms.

MARSS is also developing a drone detection system – combining x-band, radar and radio frequency monitoring of non-aviation craft – to be on the lookout for pesky drones that endanger personal privacy."

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