MARSS presents the innovative MOBtronic™ at CLIA

MOBtronic™ is the first commercially available, automatic man overboard detection, classification and rescue support system. 

Combining radar and IR sensors, the MOBtronic™ system utilises detection technology that has been rigorously tested in harsh maritime environments.  Development of the technology began more than six years ago, with MARSS working as part of a European Union-sponsored R&D project in cooperation with a major cruise line player. 

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MOBtronic™ has undergone more than three years of operational cruising aboard a lead industry vessel, including three world cruises and completion of more than 7000 test jumps. The unique large data set collected by MARSS in many different environmental conditions provided the statistical support to perfect  MOBtronic™ in any environment a cruise vessel might face.  

With direct feedback from the crew and our industry partner, the MOBtronic™ system has delivered more than 95% detection accuracy and low false alarm rates of averaging less than 3 a week to minimize unnecessary crew disruptions.  

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MARSS is proud to be a Diamond Executive Partner with CLIA and is committed to continuing to work with its cruise industry partners and CLIA to develop MOBtronic™ to be the most robust, innovative man overboard system to meet industry, regulatory, and international standards.  

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