MARSS secures a further two refit contracts for the installation of NiDAR 360° security system

MARSS reports the signature of two further contracts to retrofit their NiDAR long-range perimeter security system.

The vessels will be undertaking refits over the winter.  Both projects will integrate upgraded radar and daylight/infrared cameras to deliver a single automated 360° degree surveillance system for the monitoring, detection and tracking of surface craft.

Ni Dar Yacht 570X370

The NiDAR system developed by MARSS can provide all-round air, surface and underwater perimeter security to protect high value maritime and land-based assets. Operating autonomously and discreetly 24/7, NiDAR tracks both known and unknown objects around a vessel, while smart software algorithms automatically analyse and rank threats, triggering alerts to notify users as required. 

Ni Dar Ui 570X370

A NiDAR multi-touch command and control interface presents a clear situational awareness picture to crew as a fixed installation onboard or remotely via smart devices aiding decision making and rapid response.

"We are delighted to have been awarded these contracts and they show the flexibility of the NiDAR system and its ability to integrate with existing sensors and systems to deliver increased long-range security capability to vessels." Johannes Pinl, CEO & Founder. 

These contracts bring the total of MARSS maritime projects to 29 superyacht, military and commercial vessels.

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