WHITE PAPER: Developing a reliable and autonomous man-overboard detection system

It is a sad reality that according to the US Coast Guard, from January 2006 to March 2018, 305 people were lost overboard from cruise ships; an average of 25 incidents per year. 

As a consequence the US Congress passed the Cruise Vessel Security and Safety in 2010 stating that “vessels shall integrate technology that can be used for capturing images of passengers or detecting passengers who have fallen overboard, to the extent that such technology is available.”

Until recently that technology has not been available, however after 8 years of research and extensive testing MARSS have developed MOBtronic, a fully automated system that instantly detects and classifies a human falling overboard a vessel or structure.

In our latest white paper "Developing a reliable and autonomous man-overboard detection system" we cover the background, legal and technological challenges and the capability of the solution that MARSS have developed. 

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News Article