Visit MARSS during the Monaco Yacht Show | 25th - 28th September

Visit MARSS during the Monaco Yacht Show (25th - 28th September) for a live demonstration of NiDAR, our 360° perimeter security system for superyachts.

NiDAR is a long range surveillance and privacy protection system that monitors and detects activity in the air, on the surface and underwater around a yacht.

A yachts own assets such as tenders, water-toys, helicopters and underwater vehicles can also be tracked and monitored within NiDAR for added safety and security.

Ni Dar Yacht 570X370

MARSS will also be showcasing MOBtronic, a man-overboard detection and tracking system which protects the lives and safety of guests and crew.  

To arrange a meeting to discuss the capabilities of MARSS systems for security, safety and privacy protection onboard superyachts, please contact us on

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