MARSS completes installation of NiDAR perimeter security system onboard superyacht

MARSS has successfully completed the retrofit of its NIDAR perimeter security system onboard a large yacht undergoing a winter refit. 

The system integrates the vessels radars and upgraded cameras using smart software to provide long range awareness of objects operating in the vicinity of the vessel. 

NiDAR provides automated monitoring, detection, tracking, classification and alerts with information, live tracks and real time video feeds presented on an intuitive user interface. 

Ni Dar Ui 570X370

The Captain of the vessel said:

“From my first introduction to MARSS I have been impressed. 

Having started off on the back foot looking to replace a useless piece of security equipment, I wanted to see a lot of data, testing, comparisons and real world live demonstrations of any proposed equipment. MARSS complied with all requests professionally and came out shining. 

I am very happy with NiDAR. It does what is says on the tin with minimal fuss and is intuitive to operate. Training new users is easy, no matter if they are trained Security Guards, Officers or Junior Crew. 

The system is easily integrated into the Bridge Operations and adds a layer of security and awareness rather than distracts from the necessary good practices for watch-keeping and lookout. 

I am most happy to recommend MARSS as a company and NiDAR as a surveillance package.”

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