MARSS addresses threat to privacy onboard Superyachts

Privacy is an essential requirement for all superyacht owners, but as threats become increasingly sophisticated, security contractors are having to work ever harder.

"Perhaps the most comprehensive multi-function (security) system is NIDAR from MARSS a C2 system displaying data from multiple sensors in an easily understood and managed format, creating a single tactical picture of the yacht’s immediate environment.

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NIDAR originated in the European Union’s Sectronic project ( designed to provide observation and protection for critical maritime infrastructures such as passenger and goods transport, energy supply and port infrastructures.

"NIDAR has evolved from an EU project into a cutting edge platform in operation around the world," explains Rob Balloch, MARSS’ Senior Vice President."For superyachts, it offers security personnel an automatic, intelligent, centralised command and control platform which combines highly advanced technology with an intuitive multi-touch user interface."

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