MARSS completes significant superyacht contract

We are pleased to announce the completion of a multiyear project to deliver a substantial off-board security solution for one of the leading superyachts in the world today. 

MARSS were responsible for the design, installation and commissioning of a substantial scope of above and below water surveillance sensors, all integrated into our NiDAR command and control solution enabling a complete security shield around the yacht. 

A spokesman for the yard declared that the yacht “has the most advanced security technologies of any superyacht in the world” during a recent press interview. 

Operating 24 hrs a day in all weather conditions, the principals team and crew have a complete situational awareness of any movement, friend or foe, within both a soft and hard perimeter up to 10km from the yacht. The NiDAR system enables full situational awareness at anchor, alongside or on the move.

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As well as realtime monitoring, NiDAR enables complete autonomous control of deterrents including searchlights, laser dazzlers and acoustic hailing devices to advise incoming traffic and to monitor and secure all the permanent and temporary assets assigned to the yacht.

Rob Balloch, VP of Sales at MARSS adds "MARSS is proud to have been associated with such a flagship project which saw the delivery of one of the most comprehensive systems we have ever designed. The MARSS NiDAR solution is modular and we are currently delivering solutions all the way from an 11m RHIB to 100m+ superyacht as well as solutions for military assets and cruise ships”

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