MARSS MOBtronic shortlisted for the "Best safety product of the year" award.

MARSS are delighted to announce that their MOBtronic man-overboard alert system, has been shortlisted for the prestigious Safety at Sea Awards 2018.

MOBtronic has been shortlisted in the category for ‘Best Safety Product of the Year’.

The Safety at Sea Awards recognise those who improve seafarer competence and risk management with innovations and achievements in the fields of training, operations, equipment and services.

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Unfortunately, man-overboard incidents are still a regular occurrence and lead to the loss life on merchant and passenger vessels every year. There are reported an average of 21 incidents each year on cruise ships alone, and recovery rates remain very low.

The key to successful recovery is immediate detection of a man-overboard incident, pinpointing the precise location of the incident and allowing the crew and search and rescue services to take the necessary urgent action.

To address this issue, MARSS developed the MOBtronic man-overboard alert system, which provides automatic detection of man overboard incidents, triggering an immediate alarm on the bridge of the vessel and pinpointing the exact geographical location of the incident.

MOBtronic is a robust system with highly reliable probability of immediate detection and acceptably low nuisance activation rates, MOBtronic can pinpoint both the onboard location from which a person fell, for example the deck level or cabin and the exact GPS and chart location of the fall, making identification and recovery of the missing person quicker.

Each MOBtronic unit is self-contained, combining micro-radars, IR cameras with video analytics and computer processing for a reliable 97% probability of detection. The system has been proven in 45,000 hours of operational cruise ship testing.

The value of a system like this in terms of instant detection of a MOB incident is immeasurable and can make the difference between successful recovery of a person who falls overboard and ultimately a person’s life or death. MARSS aim is to make undetected man-overboard incidents a thing of the past!

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