What was trending at AUSA 2022

AUSA is the largest land defense exposition in North America, organized by the US army, with over 30,000 attendees and more than 650 exhibitors.

This year, Jeff Tipton, MARSS’ Business Development Director for Defense in the US, and Rob Balloch, Senior Vice President of Sales at MARSS, were both in attendance at the annual AUSA conference, meeting with peers in the industry.

Jeff and Rob share their top takeaways from the event.  

It was fantastic to, yet again, spend time meeting with our partners in the defense and security industry.  As the largest annual land power exposition in North America, it’s the best opportunity to hear about the Army’s priorities and needs, and to demonstrate our capabilities to leading decision makers.

1.     Strong focus on expertise - not just about the products, but more and more focus on who is the mind behind them

More-so than ever, technology companies are being called on to help bring their expertise to the table to tackle modern military challenges.  Where once the military was driving advancements that the civil sector was learning from – now, the depth of expertise that exists in the technology sector is such that we are adding huge value to our defense partners. Seeing the number of SME civil and technology companies exhibiting at AUSA, really underlined this point.  

2.     Hard Kill (HK) capabilities are becoming more nimble and mobile than ever before

With growing attention on the threat posed by Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), it was instructive to see the latest HK capabilities on display.  This included Northrop Grunman, who unveiled their smaller and more mobile 30x113mm M230LF cannon, with proximity ammunition.  

MARSS offers a truly agnostic counter UAS system, powered by our Hybrid Intelligence platform, that works with the best-in-class surveillance and kinetic effectors – such as our HK partner, Northrop Grunman.  Expositions, such as AUSA, provide invaluable chances to meet and liaise with partners, to discuss collaborative opportunities.

3.     Few Companies are truly fulfilling an End-to-End CUAS or security system.  Many are focused on one or several components - unlike MARSS where we are the one-stop provider of a full need driven capability

MARSS is not just a software provider, but also offers end-to-end capabilities.  Seeing the different surveillance configurations was informative, and reinforced the approach that we are taking, with most competitors just focused on a small range of components.  

Speaking to organizers there is a growing appreciation of the need for a mobile surveillance and CUAS provider.  MARSS is well placed to meet these demands, and our North American team looks forward to continuing to progress the relationships with the American military and security services.