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MARSS is pleased to announce they will be attending and sponsoring the Maritime Reconnaissance and Surveillance Technology Conference in Arlington, VA on May 5-6th. As the Gold Sponsor for the event, MARSS will showcase their range of defense and security capabilities.

On May 5th at 10:20am, MARSS’ Jeff Tipton, Defense Business Development Manager, will be presenting on the company’s range of intuitive surveillance solutions, including the intelligent AI system, NiDAR. This unique system provides an out-of-the-box automated multi-layer protection shield above an asset, including long-range UAS detection and classification by AI, operator alerts and multiple countermeasure layers. The system uses a layered smart defense system for detection and denial of objects of interest and achieves a 360-degree coverage using Radio Frequency (RF) monitoring and long-range cameras with AI image recognition.

Also occurring at the show is the industry panel debate. Taking place on the second day of the show at 13:50, MARSS will participate in the discussion of the optimization of maritime intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance capabilities through industry-military collaboration.