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MARSS to demonstrate NiDAR AI C4 capabilities at Red Sands Counter UAS Demonstration

MARSS Group is gearing up to showcase it’s NiDAR surveillance technology at this year’s Red Sands, demonstrating sensor fusion and end-to-end AI layered defence capabilities, for detection to denial of unmanned aerial systems (UAS).

From 26 July to 8 August 2024, companies from around the world will descend on Fort Drum, New York, to complete a full dress-rehearsal ahead of the third edition of KSA Red Sands 24.2, scheduled for September.

MARSS will be joining for the second time, having taken part in last year’s Red Sands Live Exercise.  The event saw MARSS display its NiDAR C2 technology – an AI led system capable of autonomously identifying, categorising and tracking potential threats.

Giving future operators hands on experience of how NiDAR can support in defeating hostile UAS.

The theme for this year’s Counter-UAS exercise, organised by ARCENT and DEVCOM (in coordination with the KSA Ministry of Defence) is the networking of sensors and countermeasures. As such, MARSS will be joining partners to demonstrate the integration of sensors and effectors into NiDAR, for complete end-to-end layered defence, enhanced with AI to deliver optimal efficiency, from detection to denial.

The event will give future operators hands on experience of how NiDAR can support in defeating hostile UAS.

Josh Harman, MARSS VP of Business Development, adds, “MARSS offers a C4 that is scaled down to an essential C2 between the sensors, as this allows for an intuitive and seamless operational picture for the end user.  It’s what the current market is missing – a one picture interface that simplifies integration, extends the decision timeline, removes clutter and automates the co-ordinated actions for a precision defeat.”

MARSS has been working with best of breed sensor and hardware manufacturers  for several years, with the company including latest CUAS innovations into the NiDAR integration list, opening up more opportunities and configurations for current and new customers.  

At the upcoming exercise, NiDAR has been selected as the C2 system of choice to integrate CUAS effectors from the USA – reflecting MARSS’ position as a trusted and battle-proven C2 partner across the GCC.  

MARSS’ ability to integrate with a myriad of effectors, depending on the mission requirements of the client – including mobile and long-range systems – gives NiDAR the ability to defeat up to CAT3 drone threats.  

Jeff Tipton, Business Development Director in Defence at MARSS, commented on the upcoming exercise, “We are delighted to, once again, be invited to demonstrate MARSS’ cutting-edge technology for countering the growing UAS threat.  

“This year’s theme of sensor fusion is what MARSS is renowned for around the world. We already provide end-to-end protection for a plethora of clients, so we’re really excited to be able to share our expertise with a range of prospective partners at this year’s Red Sands exercise.”

MARSS is partnering with third party innovators on future C4 proposals, stretching into other domains, including NiDAR already being integrated on a range of autonomous vessels across the marine industry.