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Interceptor CAT1

MARSS launches new portable Interceptor to neutralise hostile drones

This new portable solution can be used on the battlefield to neutralise class 1 drones at 1km+, giving mounted and dismounted infantry the confidence of knowing they are always protected, wherever they are in an inherently safe (no explosive or jet fuel required) manner.


Our mission is to help protect what our customers value most: their people, critical infrastructure and assets.

MARSS is a technology company protecting millions of lives across the globe.

At the heart of all MARSS solutions is our AI-powered Internet of Things (IoT) platform, NiDAR Core. This platform provides a turnkey solution that fuses intelligence and surveillance to grant 360º situational awareness in a single tactical picture.

We help our customers see more across air, land, sea and sub-surface. No matter the domain, MARSS proudly delivers tactical, life saving solutions our customers can rely on.

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