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MARSS Radirguard Perimter Security

MARSS advances critical infrastructure protection with $5.5million RADiRguard integration at key site

MARSS, a global leader in security solutions, will deliver and commission up to 40 of its RADiRguard high security surveillance units for a critical infrastructure site in the Middle East, as part of a significant contract valued at $5.5million.


Our mission is to help protect what our customers value most: their people, critical infrastructure and assets.

MARSS is a technology company protecting millions of lives across the globe.

At the heart of all MARSS solutions is our AI-powered Internet of Things (IoT) platform, NiDAR Core. This platform provides a turnkey solution that fuses intelligence and surveillance to grant 360º situational awareness in a single tactical picture.

We help our customers see more across air, land, sea and sub-surface. No matter the domain, MARSS proudly delivers tactical, life saving solutions our customers can rely on.

MARSS Mobtronic Man Overboard


Automated man-overboard detection & rescue support