The AI-powered Internet of Things (IoT) platform at the heart of all MARSS solutions

We believe in 'Hybrid Intelligence'. Our solutions combine artificial intelligence with traditional algorithms and human intelligence to create an unrivalled IoT platform.

Get 360º Situational Awareness in a Single Tactical Picture | MARSS


NiDAR CORE is a modular system integration platform with a multi-layered approach and standardised ontology. The system is powered by our proprietary Hybrid Intelligence (HI) approach to fuse a collection of sensors together in order to create a highly accurate and rapid means of detecting and neutralising a safety incident or threat.

MARSS systems are ‘sensor agnostic’ meaning we can integrate existing and new equipment. Put simply, we see more, and our innovative HI significantly improves the processing and consolidation of information to ensure a swift and effective response.

MARSS technology can be deployed virtually anywhere to create a fully protective zone and is controlled by a central C2 interface that supports operator decision-making.

Hybrid Intelligence based Infrastructure Defense System | MARSS


We understand that one size does not fit all. NiDAR CORE uses a combination of methods from many artificial intelligence disciplines. This method allows the system to operate more intelligently than traditional software, more so than Machine Learning approaches, with improved safety, never compromising on quality. 

NiDAR CORE exploits expertise through operational logic, data science, algorithms, video analytics, artificial intelligence, ergonomics and user experience (UX). Collectively, these aspects provide a single situational awareness picture to support operations.


MARSS understands the importance of operating via a seamless, intuitive interface to assist operational efficiency and ease. Operators can view and control multi-domain information via an easy-to-use C2 interface with superior threat recognition, alerting users to mission-critical events. This process reduces operator burden while increasing decision-support to allow for a more rapid and accurate response.

NiDAR CORE hides complexity behind a user friendly and contextual platform.


NiDAR CORE is the platform behind all MARSS capabilities. The software is integrated throughout our solutions to create a seamless network of systems operating towards one goal - the protection of lives, critical infrastructure and assets.


Designed from the ground up, NiDAR CORE adapts to different environments intuitively. The system can operate autonomously as a single solution or can be combined with multiple systems to create a protective chain network. NiDAR CORE is accessible via multi-site fixed locations, on the move or offshore.


MARSS understands the importance of integrating new systems with legacy hardware for efficiency and to reduce any delays in operations. NiDAR CORE has been developed as a completely sensor agnostic system capable of integrating with hardware systems from around the world - simplifying the switch to intelligent operations.

“NiDAR CORE provides operators with access to information that once seemed impossible to capture in a single system. We're proud to have created such an intelligent, revolutionary platform to protect lives and assets across the globe ".

Johannes Pinl, CEO and Founder of MARSS