MARSS launches new all-in-one solar powered smart city surveillance solution

MARSS, last week at DSEI launched RADiRguard CITY – its new discreet surveillance solution for the modern, smart & safe city.

Building on the success of RADiRguard – MARSS’ perimeter surveillance solution, operational across the Middle East – MARSS has today launched RADiRguard CITY, an all-in-one surveillance solution, designed for a safe urban environment.

Fully integrated with NiDAR, the AI-powered platform at the heart of all MARSS solutions, RADiRguard CITY blends into the background, functioning as a smart street-light, while offering state of the art surveillance and protection, all powered by the sun. In line with MARSS’ commitment to protect perimeters and people, RADiRguard CITY can keep civilians safe from threats as varied as gun attacks, air pollutants or vehicles entering pedestrianised areas. 
Combining built-in cameras and microphones as well as intelligent threat classification, RADiRguard CITY provides 24/7 autonomous monitoring, detection, and decision support. If a threat is detected, an alarm is triggered in the NIDAR Command & Control Centre, where operators can then decide how to mitigate the threat. For example they communicate through built in speakers or by opening or closing a connected access point, or directing security services to the site.

Rob Balloch, senior VP sales with MARSS, commented: “As city design gets smarter, and new cities spring into existence, there’s a growing need for an intelligent all-in-one solution that combines traditional surveillance tools and purposeful, smart, green street-lighting. With sensors capable of detecting ongoing threats from multiple sources, RADiRguard CITY meets this need, offering both security and aesthetics in one powerful unit, that harmonises effortlessly in the urban environment.

“This is a completely modular and scalable solution that can be customised to each customer’s specific needs. For example, you might want it to detect licence plates and alert you to vehicles entering areas where they’re not allowed. Or you might want to use it for facial recognition, or to track and support friendly assets. You choose what you want it to do.

RADiRguard CITY can work both on grid or off grid using solar power. There is also a back-up battery.

Rob Balloch added, “We’re really excited by RADiRguard CITY’s potential. This is what a safe city will look like in tomorrow’s world.”