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MARSS launches NiDAR X-JOC, a fully equipped expeditionary Command and Control Centre

MARSS has expanded its expeditionary NiDAR X product range with its all-in-one containerised Command and Control centre with innovative UAS detection and countermeasures, all controlled by MARSS’ AI-enabled NiDAR, for forward operations, and rapid response at critical sites.

In a world where unmanned aerial systems (UAS) pose an increasingly versatile threat, the battle to develop rapidly deployable solutions, to identify and respond to threats, has never been more important.

Now, MARSS, has launched its containerised Joint Operation Centre (NiDAR X-JOC), an all-in-one Command and Control (C2) centre, which can be easily transported to sites and made operational within hours. Available worldwide, the solution is already operational supporting the protection of critical infrastructure.

Key features include state-of-the-art, long-range optical and infrared cameras for 360° verification and tracking, in-built radar which can detect threats up to 30km away and RF and GPS jamming countermeasures. These sensors all feed into MARSS’ proprietary NiDAR system, which automatically detects, classifies, and recommends a response to a range of threats.

X-JOC can operate independently or integrate with legacy technology such as kinetic and electronic effectors, cameras, radar, and sonar. It will also integrate with MARSS’s own RADiRguard perimeter security system.

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“Drones are cheap, disposable and lethal, and pose an ever-increasing threat. This has been witnessed most recently in Ukraine and on a regular basis in the Middle East. With minimised setup and shut down time – X-JOC is our most versatile product yet – ideal to act as a forward operation base, or as a temporary solution while permanent systems are installed.”

Frederik Giepmans, Managing Director, MARSS Safety & Security 

Available in 20ft and 40ft units and completely modular, X-JOC incorporates C2 stations and can act as an office and briefing room, equipped with all the necessary facilities to accommodate up to five operators. With self-lifting heavy-duty legs, the system can be taken on and off transportation vehicles removing the need for a crane, which also enables X-JOC to be positioned on uneven terrain without the need for foundations.

X-JOC can be operated in challenging environments, including marine locations and places of extreme heat. The command station can also be run off its own integrated power generation unit, making it deployable in remote locations.

These features, making up the standard specification, are based on long-term customer feedback obtained from the field, however X-JOC’s modular design features make it highly flexible and customisable to commercial and military requirements.

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Introducing NiDAR X-JOC, latest addition to our expeditionary NiDAR X product range