MARSS Group has significantly bolstered the ability of customers to both detect and respond to threats in remote and challenging terrains with the successful design, build, integration and delivery of NiDAR into a fully mobile land-based platform.
Working closely with individual clients to understand their operational requirements, MARSS engineers have fused the complete NiDAR IoT ecosystem of sensor and effector capability into a high performance, all-terrain multi-utility vehicle. The in-service MARSS Expeditionary Vehicle enables operators to support remotely deployed personnel, move to protect strategic locations, rapidly transfer to newly evolving points of interest or act as a robust force multiplier, allowing an upgrade in infrastructure protection without the need for a proportional increase in personnel.

The MARSS Expeditionary Vehicle offers a configurable four-wheel drive mobile C2 solution with the potential to give true go-anywhere capability, unhindered by all but the toughest of operational landscapes. Offering the capacity to operate independently or as part of an expeditionary force, the MARSS Expeditionary Vehicle is fully integrated with a cohort of supporting platforms.

Designed to carry a crew of up to six including driver and passenger, it features four customised operator stations with surround screens. Each platform includes state of the art 360-degree 3D radar that can be configured for the multidimensional detection, tracking and verification of potential threats. Multi-layered and featuring all domain RF detection and classification alongside customised electronic countermeasures, long range HD, Thermal EO-IR and a full communications suite, the MARSS Expeditionary Vehicle offers intuitive integration into other mission-tailored platforms. Examples range from deployment as the command centre for remote units with appropriate countermeasure solutions integrated with other legacy platforms to operation as an essential element in a complete nation shield capability, integrated into regional and national Joint Operating Centres.

Fully fitted with a custom suite of intuitive MARSS NiDAR technologies, the MARSS Expeditionary Vehicle offers real time AI based monitoring, detection, tracking and denial of potential air, land and sea threats. Fusing multiple sensors into one single situational awareness picture, the NiDAR system realises immediate status alerts allowing time-critical implementation of appropriate responses by operators, with the ability to control from a central command centre if needed. Furthermore, NiDAR offers the complete capability to create a fully custom solution, designed and implemented to specific individual client requirements at every level, from sensor configuration to countermeasure hardware.

Johannes Pinl, MARSS founder and CEO, says, “NiDAR is the trusted go-to system for advanced asymmetric threat detection and response capabilities. This latest initiative further demonstrates just how flexible and scalable NiDAR is, seamlessly exporting the detailed process of combating unmanned threats from the control room to a custom off-road vehicle. This project epitomises what MARSS is about: using ingenuity to help our customers solve complex problems. Operators can now conduct missions even the most remote environments, safe in the knowledge that NiDAR is protecting them and their people. It’s a truly exciting achievement for all of us at MARSS and we are already exploring new applications for NiDAR Mobile."

One of several mobile platforms primed by MARSS and built in co-operation with strategic partners, the MARSS Expeditionary Vehicle offers invaluable potential across a wide range of security solutions, from the protection of critical infrastructure and borders to the comprehensive support of security operations. In short, MARSS Expeditionary Vehicle is the latest in an impressive line-up designed to offer practical, intelligent solutions to those determined to stay one step ahead in the complex and ever-changing security world.