Rob Balloch, MARSS Senior VP, speaks with Philip Ingram MBE on his podcast ‘Chatting with Ingram’.

A renowned journalist specialising in security and intelligence, Philip Ingram first built a career in the British Army, departing as a Senior Officer. The podcast brings together his years of experience in all aspects of security intelligence, defence and strategic planning.

In this episode, Philip and Rob discuss the evolution of MARSS, how artificial intelligence fits into the future of defence and the similarities between detecting drones and detecting people falling overboard from cruise ships!

Rob comments: “I’m very late to the party with my first ever Podcast and immensely grateful to Philip Ingram for the gentle treatment afforded to an amateur. Listening back to the recording (and apart from the shock of hearing the remnants of my Scottish heritage), it’s the passion for our mission at MARSS that stands out, something that has never faded since my first meeting with the founders some 10 years ago. MARSS has come a very long way since then and this conversation was a great opportunity for me to share just some of that passion and history with listeners.”

Philip will also be chairing discussions at this year’s International Security Expo, this 29th and 29th of September in London.

‘Chatting with Ingram’ is available via Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Buzzsprout. 

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