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We look back at some of the news, events, achievements and developments of the year as we reflect on our successes and prepare for 2023.

Throughout the year, MARSS has continued to invest in innovation, including growing our team of experts, designers and engineers, and launching new 'firsts' across both marine and defence industries.

2023 will see MARSS exhibit at larger defence trade shows, launch state-of-the-art CUAS products and further develop NiDAR capabilities in supporting command and control to save lives and protect critical infrastructure. However, before the start of the new year, here are some highlights.

We welcomed new MARSSians to the team.

In the last two years, we have grown our workforce from 25 to over 130, with 2022 seeing us welcome in MARSSians around the globe, building base in USA and expanding our offices across KSA.

New Innovation hub in Bristol, UK

Dedicated to product development, MARSS opened a new Innovation Hub in Bristol, where our team are designing new CUAS products and supporting our clients to counter the latest threats across land, sea, air and sub-surface.

MARSS exhibit at World Defence Show

Our team in KSA showcase NiDAR capabilities at WDS 2022, Riyadh. Our stand welcomed delegates from around the region and invited guests to experience NiDAR's unique, intuitive interface from a single command screen to a curved wall display, demonstrating our 360º C2 capabilities.

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The future of counter unmanned aerial systems, MARSS has designed an AI enabled autonomous Interceptor that offers an intelligent, cost-effective and low collateral solution to neutralise hostile drones.



Our out-of-the-box air surveillance system, designed for use on mobile platforms including ocean vessels and superyachts.

Powered by NiDAR CORE, our AI driven IoT system, the CUAS COMPACT is equipped with radars, IR camera and Radio Frequency Monitoring for trusted protection against drones and unmanned vehicles.


New Website Launch

MARSS launched a new website to showcase products and expertise, news and stories, and to give more detail on how we support specialist sectors including Defence, Superyacht, Border Surveillance and Critical Infrastructure .

MARSS Headline at Defence Conferences

2022 was our most active year yet at exhibitions and conferences around the globe. MARSSians headlined at Air Missile Defence Conference, UK and CUAS Technology USA, with our team speaking about NiDAR capabilities and the latest product developments to support forward operations and national defence.

First MARSS Annual Conference

MARSS hosted the first Annual Vision Conference, bringing together over 100 MARSSians to Monaco and live streaming presentations to and from our office in KSA. The one day event also allowed teams to exhibit new products and invite Q&A from the group, and for many MARSSians meeting for the first time in the real world and discuss next steps for innovation and the organisation.

Each RADiRguard unit provides up to 25,000sqm of coverage - MARSS


Introducing RADiRguard 2, our latest surveillance system is an off-grid, solar powered, all-in-one unit combining radar, CCTV and IR, plus intelligent threat classification to reliably detect and classify objects in advance of reaching a perimeter.


New KSA Office

MARSS expands its KSA operations, moving into new offices in Riyadh as we continue our commitment to deliver support, training and increased business development across the region.

New Collaborations

MARSS develops relationships and collaborations with leading brands in the development of state-of-the-art solutions. Working alongside brands such as Thales, CurrentCorp and Echodyne, amongst others, 2023 will see further partnerships announced as we launch even more world-first products.