MARSS NiDAR is chosen to fuse state-of-the-art security hardware with client-led legacy equipment, into a single, multi-domain, intuitive smart platform to protect critical infrastructure.

Following successful installation of MARSS NiDAR to protect dams across Europe, this latest project will see NiDAR fully integrate legacy sensors with new ‘best of breed’ hardware capabilities, delivering smart surveillance and defence against the threat of UAS, UUV’s, divers and perimeter intruders.

The contract is one of many recent wins that sees MARSS expanding further into supporting defence operations and the protection of critical infrastructure, investing in our project delivery teams and further expansion of NiDAR’s AI capabilities to enhance sensor functionality and countermeasure effectiveness.

Rob Balloch, SVP Sales, commented: “This is an exciting time for MARSS. This latest project award demonstrates our commitment to investment in the evolution of NiDAR and the expansion of our team. Making security and surveillance more efficient and easier to operate is why our clients choose us and have confidence in our technology.”