A MARSSian welcome to Josh Harman, who joins MARSS Group as Director of Strategy. Currently based in the US, Josh brings over 15 years of experience in the USA, Middle East, Europe and Asia delivering disruptive technology to-market for a variety of industries. Prior to his current position, he propelled Citadel Defense Company into one of the leading and most trusted CUAS companies. Josh joined Citadel in its pre-product infancy back in 2016 and shepherded the company to a successful acquisition at the end of 2021. During his time at Citadel he grew the company from pre-revenue to acquisition, led strategic partnerships while personally leading the SOCOM POR effort.

Josh has worked extensively with numerous Ministries of Defense organizations to develop C2, Integrated and Counter UAS (cUAS) solutions to address the emerging threat faced by operators on a daily basis around the globe. In addition, he has worked extensively with Congress, Federal and State agencies to craft policy to counter the growing unmanned systems threat in the United States and abroad

For the next stage of his career Josh chose to with MARSS, he stated, “I was lucky enough to integrate with almost every Command and Control Operating Systems on the market, and from day one, it was clear MARSS was lightyears ahead of the competition by providing a C2 that actually addressed the operators needs while shaping the software, operators and integrated sensors to get smarter overtime.”

In his new role, Josh will support the strategic development of current and new market segments including Smart City initiatives, integrated solutions to protect against emerging asymmetric unmanned threats and the evolution of MARSS NiDAR IOT Hybrid Intelligence platform, forging strategic relationships with partners to execute MARSS’ vision of developing innovative solutions.

Rob Balloch, Senior Vice President, commented "Josh and the team at Citadel (BlueHalo) have been a key partner for MARSS programs since their inception, I’m excited to welcome Josh onboard Planet MARSS as he continues his professional development”