MARSS UK Ltd, part of the MARSS Group announces commencement of a 80 million plus GBP project, developed for a principal Middle Eastern partner. 

Designed to support national security operations through the protection of coastal critical infrastructure from air, land and sea threats, this latest operation sets a new benchmark in multi-dimensional situational awareness. This new initiative sees MARSS integrate “best of breed” detect and defeat sensors and effectors to deliver state-of-the-art detection, verification, tracking and countermeasure solution against unmanned threats. 

Built around the MARSS NiDAR IoMT platform, NiDAR 4D fully integrates all relevant sensors and effectors into an all-domain single tactical picture – giving national security personnel clear and real-time information on air, land, water and underwater threats. Crucially, this allows for fast, informed decision making and the immediate implementation of appropriate and proportionate response. 

Based around an urgent operational requirement (UOR), this fast turnaround project is primed for effortless multi-site deployment and management, with roll-out assured in less than twelve months. Furthermore, an additional support contract has been agreed, designed and developed to provide crucial ongoing support for the next five years. 

Commenting on the project, Johannes Pinl, CEO for MARSS Group, stated; 

“The speed at which hostile events develop is increasing as the proliferation of autonomous, AI driven systems push for the operational advantage. NiDAR 4D allows our clients to outsmart these threats rapidly and decisively, with real-time distributed information sharing and optimised decision making. 
This latest sovereign project, awarded to MARSS as prime contractor, reflects the successful acceptance of similar systems delivered by MARSS elsewhere in the Gulf. The MARSS engineering and commercial teams, supported by our strategic partners, worked in close co-operation with the client to design and build an innovative solution efficiently that can be delivered timely, as well as providing an upgrade path to integrate legacy systems and future proofing their investment for next generation sensors and effectors.”

This project is the latest in a series of successes for MARSS, demonstrating both their ability to partner with specialist suppliers to deliver complex capabilities and their agility and flexibility within a fast moving and ever-changing security arena.