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May 2021, MARSS Group announce the initial site acceptance of an additional previously undisclosed multi-site CUAS system.

With an initial contracted total project value in excess of $100million, MARSS Group has designed, developed and delivered a multi-site, fully integrated CUAS solution to protect mission-critical infrastructure from asymmetric air threats. 

Assembling a world-class team of project partners, MARSS seamlessly integrated best-in-class radar, EO-IR, RF detection and bespoke countermeasure systems to create a layered solution operated from MARSS constructed state-of-the-art command centres. 

MARSS NiDAR technology utilises a proprietary AI software-driven approach to identify, verify and alert on asymmetric air threats that are automatically and swiftly detected, tracked, classified and engaged at ranges in excess of 15km. 

MARSS’ CUAS technology has been stringently developed with NiDAR, prioritising the analysis of rich, high-value data from a wide range of sensors combined with intuitive command and control. With a unique focus on intelligent integration, MARSS’ system allows their clients to build easily upon their existing assets, making best use of every available legacy sensor and data feed for greatly increased real-time awareness and prediction capabilities.

Commenting on the project Rob Balloch, VP Sales for MARSS added that:

“As prime contractor for this assignment, MARSS has stepped up to the challenge by growing our in-house team by over 400% and working in close co-operation with a global partner chain, ensuring the timely and successful delivery of a fully integrated capability in a fraction of the timescales normally expected.

Over the last 18 months MARSS has secured several prime contracts for NiDAR, our industry-acclaimed AI-driven Command and Control solution. 

A proven, sensor agnostic platform, NiDAR delivers real-time situational awareness and countermeasure capability, essential for the in-field safety and protection of both personnel and valuable mission assets.”

Congruent with their ongoing commitment to complete turnkey support and the provision of agile, flexible solutions, next steps for the MARSS team will include continual optimization of this latest CUAS solution, routinely assessing emerging threats to ensure that whatever the situation, clients can be sure of effective protection that they can continually trust and rely on. 

Yet again, MARSS have illustrated their ability to adapt quickly in an ever-changing world, whilst demonstrating their industry-leading knowledge and expertise in this complex and critical arena.