June 2021, MARSS Group pioneer the development, delivery and acceptance of a previously undisclosed project for a vessel-based CUAS and situational awareness system.

With a total project value in excess of $3 million, MARSS Group has designed, developed and worked with key industry partners to deliver a cost effective, fully integrated security system. It enables onboard and offboard security with fully integrated access control, CCTV and a CUAS solution that geofences the vessel from malicious air threats whilst simultaneously delivering intelligent and enhanced surface situational awareness to the vessels crew.

This uniquely layered solution seamlessly integrates class leading sensors with MARSS’ NiDAR command and control technology, providing a single tactical picture for the vessel’s Security Team.

NiDAR CUAS is MARSS’ proprietary AI software-driven technology, rigorously developed and continually evolving to counter known and future threats. The analysis of rich, high-value data from a wide range of sensors has been prioritised, alongside intuitive command and control systems. 

 With a unique focus on coherent integration, the NiDAR system allows clients to build confidently upon their existing assets, making best use of every available legacy sensor whilst integrating “best of breed” new sensors and available data feeds for greatly increased real-time awareness and prediction capabilities.

Commenting on the project Skip Blair, MARSS Project Director – Vessels, added: 

“As the prime contractor for this assignment, MARSS comprehensively fulfilled a challenging delivery program and broke new ground by successfully integrating a large number of sensors and partners for the very first time - creating a tactical solution that perfectly matched the client brief within a highly complex marine environment.

Over the last 18 months MARSS has delivered a number of significant programs as prime contractor, ranging from short range geofencing of localised assets to large-scale short-range air defence projects, protecting lives and infrastructure against a wide range of potential threats including Micro, Cat1 and even Cat2 Drones.

A proven, sensor agnostic platform, NiDAR delivers real-time situational awareness and countermeasure capability, vital for the protection and preservation of lives and assets across military, government and commercial domains.”

Once again, MARSS illustrates proficiency in adapting quickly and efficiently in an ever-changing world, creating a multi-layered solution incorporating an array of sensors which perfectly match the client’s requirements. All on-time and within budget, seamlessly demonstrating their industry-leading knowledge and expertise in this complex and critical arena.