By Rob Balloch, UK military veteran, proud contributor to UK Defence & Security for over 20 years, and MARSS VP Sales. 

 “This year’s DSEI is a showcase of UK and international technology and capability. MARSS UK Ltd are proud to support our UK and International partners exhibiting and visiting this year’s event. Our UK partners support MARSS to deliver fully integrated and operational ISTAR solutions that are protecting land and marine bases, vessels and critical infrastructure around the world. Since 2019, MARSS has invested over £60M with our UK partner chain and an additional £30M+ with our international partners. This effort has also sustained over 250 jobs in the UK and a further 200 jobs around the world, contributing to research and development that will redefine the possible for protecting assets and saving lives.

Over the last few years, we have built an incredible team of UK partners that have supported MARSS, from the largest UK tier 1’s and small OEMs, to our investment in UK based academic research. MARSS UK Ltd are spearheading the research and development of innovative new capabilities that are being exported around the world. I couldn’t be prouder of the achievements of our UK partners, delivering innovative new capabilities within very tight schedules and despite all the unforeseen hurdles. Our teams rose to the challenge and continue to support our efforts to deliver life-saving capability around the world”