MARSS MOBtronic, system for “the detection of persons while going overboard from ships”, has begun the process of certification to ISO 21195, published last June after extensive consultation with the cruise industry and global legislators.

Mike Collier, Product Development Manager, commented: By meeting the performance characteristics of the new standard MOBtronic will prove that it is a credible solution to meet the needs of the cruise industry and their regulators.”

The first phase, in co-operation with type approval bodies, assesses documentation to confirm that MOBtronic has been engineered to operate in the harsh environment experienced at sea and that it meets appropriate software and production quality standards.

Subsequent phases will prove MOBtronic meets the performance criteria of the ISO, which was developed in a team effort with the cruise industry to satisfy the expectations of the United States Cruise Vessel Security and Safety Act (CVSSA, Public Law 111-207).

Along with over four years of vessel data logged at sea, the MOBtronic partners performed thousands of tests amassing a substantial pool of data that helped to define the cruise industries input into the ISO process.  Later this year MOBtronic aims to become the first man overboard detection solution to achieve ISO 21195 certification.

Alberto Baldacci (Ph.D., MBA), VP Science added: The ISO accreditation will be the recognition of more than ten years of passionate research, development and experimentation we had the pleasure to conduct in collaboration with major players of the cruise industry.” 

MOBtronic is already in service on a wide range of ships from leisure craft to military vessels and has been successfully protecting lives at sea for more than 10 years.