MARSS security and safety systems include NiDAR™ for maritime and land-based security, RADiRguard™ for perimeter protection and MOBtronic™ for man overboard detection.

Air, Surface, Underwater Privacy & Security Shield

NiDAR is an advanced long range surveillance system protecting high value maritime and land-based assets through the integration of multiple sensor and data feeds to generate a 360° perimeter security shield around the asset.

  • 360° Air, Surface & Underwater situational awareness picture
  • Smart algorithms reduce complexity and false alarms for rapid response
  • Automatic warning (laser/loudhailers) directed at intruders removes the element of surprise
  • Intuitive MARSS multi-touch command and control interface
  • Low maintenance, ease of installation with new or legacy hardware.
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Intelligent Perimeter Security

RADiRguard is the first all-in-one perimeter surveillance solution, which reliably detects and classifies objects in advance of reaching the fence thanks to built-in radar, IR & mobile detection and intelligent threat classification. RADiRguard closes a gap in the market by combining traditional stand alone perimeter systems and next generation sensors in one intelligent unit including CCTV, mini radars and Radio Frequency Monitoring (eg mobile phone tracking) capabilities.

  • Multi target detection and tracking with a coverage of 40,000m2 (400x100m) per sensor
  • Unique low false alarms thanks to multi sensor behavior analysis
  • Robust, stand alone, modular & scalable system
  • Cost effective, low maintenance and flexible solution
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Automatic Man-Overboard Detection and Tracking

MOBtronic™ instantly detects and classifies a human falling overboard, automatically alerts the crew, tracks the person at sea and guides the rescue to it.

  • 45,000 hours operation = Largest MOB dataset worldwide
  • 7,000 test jumps = Operationally proven
  • >97% average Probability of Detection (PD) = High reliability
  • <1 per day avg MOB Notifications = Minimized burden for the crew
  • CVSSA bill & ISO standard compliant
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