MARSS security and safety systems include NiDAR™ for maritime and land-based security, MOBtronic™ for man overboard detection and RADIRGuard™ for perimeter protection.

Air, surface, underwater privacy & security shield

NiDAR is an advanced long range surveillance system protecting high value maritime and land-based assets through the integration of multiple sensor and data feeds to generate a 360° perimeter security shield around the asset.

  • 360° situational awareness picture
  • Multi air, surface and underwater target detection and tracking
  • Intuitive MARSS multi-touch command and control interface
  • Low maintenance, ease of installation with new or legacy hardware.
Next generation intruder detection system

RADIRguard is a scalable perimeter surveillance system specifically designed to be cost effective, easy to install and low maintenance that closes a gap in the market for perimeter security sensors..

  • Multi target detection and tracking up to 500m
  • Intuitive MARSS command and control interface
  • Robust, stand alone, modular & scalable system
  • Cost effective, low maintenance and flexible solution
Autonomous man-overboard detection and tracking

The MOBtronic man-overboard system operates autonomously, instantly detecting and classifying a human falling overboard a vessel or structure, while tracking their precise location and aiding in the search and rescue operation.

  • Autonomous multi sensor observation technology for maximum reliability
  • Instant detection and classification of MOB incident
  • Tracking of victim at sea aiding SAR operations
  • High probability of detection and low nuisance system activation