Autonomous man-overboard detection and tracking

The MOBtronic man-overboard system operates autonomously, instantly detecting and classifying a human falling overboard a vessel or structure. The system provides instant replay of the incident, identifying the precise location from which the person fell for example deck level and cabin number.


  • Autonomous multi sensor observation technology for maximum reliability and effective operation in all conditions
  • Instant detection and classification of MOB incident with immediate crew notification
  • Intuitive command and control interface presenting radar and video evidence for immediate confirmation and identification
  • Tracking of victim at sea aiding SAR operations through quick mobilisation enabling rapid response
  • Probability of detection (Pd) exceeding 95% and low nuisance system activation (<1 per day) following over 5 years of development and testing (3000+ test launches)

Multiple sensor stations are mounted around the vessel or structure at strategic locations to ensure at least two stations will observe a fall. Each station is a self-contained unit integrating micro radars, imaging sensors and electronics for data acquisition and analysis.


MOBtronic operates 24/7, with alarm information highlighting the MOB position presented via MARSS’s intuitive command and control interface notifying the crew and aiding in the search and rescue operation.

MOBtronic offers best-in-class performance due to a combination of multiple sensors providing complementary information, plus data merging algorithms, to maximize the probability of detection and minimise false alarms.